Urbaness, LLC is a real estate development company that specializes in high-end, historic, residential development in Boston’s most sought-after neighborhoods.  Belinda Negron, the principal, has been developing for over 16 years and resides in Brookline with her two daughters.  She takes great pride in her development and her personal style touches every aspect of the properties she renovates, from selecting the tile, fixtures, and moldings, to designing the perfect layout.  

Every Urbaness property is uniquely designed.  “The cookie-cutter home is antithetical to what we do.  When I first consider a property, I identify what is unique about it.  Each project is different because I develop with every aspect of the environment, the layout, and space in mind.  A theme will emerge that is carried through the entire project, down to the smallest detail.”

As an accomplished cook, Belinda is especially proud of her kitchen and entertaining spaces. “For today’s families, the kitchen is the center of the home.   Obviously it’s important that a kitchen looks beautiful and inviting, but a functional design is equally important."  Belinda points out that she designs with entertaining in mind, and is always cognizant of the natural flow from one room to another.  

As designs and trends change, she takes great effort in keeping one step ahead of what is new, stylish, and sophisticated.   For Belinda, what she does is not merely development, it’s a form of art, it’s personal, and it’s always evolving.  Step inside an Urbaness home and you’ll see what’s new now.  Welcome Home.6