Belinda Negron


Belinda Negron has been designing and building some of Boston’s finest homes in the finest neighborhoods, since 1998.  She specializes in bringing historic homes back to life and customizing them for modern families.  Her love of design is at the heart of every one of her projects.  

“When I first consider a property, I identify what is unique about it.  Each project is different because I develop with every aspect of the environment, the layout, and space in mind.  A theme will emerge that is carried through the entire project, down to the smallest detail.”

A graduate of Suffolk Law School and Florida State University, Belinda worked in strategic alliances with Lotus for over 10 years.  She began her career in residential construction after finding she needed a more creative outlet for her design skills.  Property development allowed her to combine her creative ingenuity with her expertise in project management.

Tara Colameta

Business Manager

Tara Colameta manages the day-to-day operations of Urbaness, including cash flow analysis, financial reporting, project cost analysis, business development and marketing. Her expertise ensures that all projects run smoothly, are on budget, and on time.

“Developing the kind of high-end homes that we’re known for, where every detail counts, doesn’t end with design.  I think we manage the whole process with the same care and integrity that goes into our homes.  Our reputation has been built on that philosophy.”

Tara is a graduate of Suffolk University’s Sawyer School of Management, and worked as an accounting manager for over ten years.

Matthew Calkins

Project Manager

Matthew Calkins oversees all of Urbaness’ construction projects from start to finish, from scheduling, permitting, and managing contracts, to addressing all pre and post construction issues.  His detail-minded personality coupled with his hands-on, “roll-up-your-sleeves” work ethic epitomizes the Urbaness viewpoint. 

“Everyone on this team is the best in the business, and frankly, we have to be.  The kinds of homes we build are exceptional, so it’s really no surprise that each of us puts 110% into each project."

A graduate of University of Colorado, Matthew holds both a Construction Supervisor's License and a Home Improvement Contractor's License.